Monday, April 6, 2015

Best New Track: Tame Impala's "'Cause I'm A Man"

Acclaimed Australian rockers Tame Impala are most definitely known for their psychedelic rock offerings and fearless experimentation. All of it's smooth; all of it's deliciously trippy.

But, upon hearing "'Cause I'm a Man," the single they dropped yesterday as part of the follow-up to 2012's critically praised Lonerism, I'm quite confident we've never heard anything quite this smooth or trippy.

In fact, I think the band just wrote their first R&B anthem.

"'Cause I'm a Man" is a half-defeated/half-bravado real life confession led by mastermind Kevin Parker's best, most soulful falsetto vocals yet. Starting by asking "What have I done?" and calling himself "pathetic," Parker's feathery vocals glide alongside the hallucinogenic instruments and effects before realizing, "'Cause I'm a man, woman." At least he's honest? In fact, his is such a real thought process, delivered in this impossibly airy, melodic way, that I reckon it would be pretty tough for any lover to stay mad at him.

One thing's for sure: between this new single and the equally woozy, infectious (eight minute) first single, "Let It Happen" - at this point, Tame Impala are staged to deliver one of the best albums of the year.

Take a listen to the new single below and look out for Currents in the coming months.

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