Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best New Track: Wet's "Deadwater"

It might be a big statement, but I think I speak for most music writers when I say that, Massachusetts indie-R&B trio Wet are going to release one of the best debut albums of the year.

These guys are just... outstanding. I've been saying it forever. They're a unique brand of "indie" that's accessible to any kind of listener; accessible in a way that's only achieved through universally likeable, relatable song concepts.

Following their breathtaking self-titled EP, "Deadwater" is the lead single from their forthcoming debut album, titled Don't You, which will finally drop this fall on Columbia. It's unbelievable that Wet keeps keep adding impressive notches to their short belt of singles - all of which are founded on mostly slow, glittery production and carried by Kelly Zutrau's effortlessly creamy voice. 

Each time they release a new single, I doubt they could top the last heartwarming melody they crafted. Yet, each track proves this long overdue album will be chock full of those.

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