Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Favourite New Track: Wolf Alice's "Bros"

North London band Wolf Alice recently released a newly reworked (and amazing) version of "Bros," a song they've been playing for years, which is finally set to appear on their highly anticipated debut album.

About the childhood friendship ode, lead singer Ellie Roswell said, "'Bros' is a sentimental tune to us, it's grown and changed with us over the past couple of years, taking on different shapes and forms until it evolved into being this definitive album version. It's an ode to childhood imagination and friendship and all the charm that comes with that."

Guided by wistful guitar echoes and Roswell's sweet voice, the melodic tune is one of those timeless rock songs - reminding of some of the atmospheric dream-rock classics put forward by The Sundays and Palma Violets.

It's a good song for summer, which, from the look and feel of today, might have finally arrived. Have a listen, and look out for My Love Is Cool on June 23.

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