Thursday, April 23, 2015

Must Listen: Alabama Shakes' Sound & Color

Alabama Shakes' highly anticipated second album, Sound & Color, dropped this week after a three year wait for the follow-up to their acclaimed debut, Boys and Girls. Unlike the consistently gritty blues-rock heard on their first effort (which landed them a spot on Dave Matthews' ATO Records), this one is a golden rollercoaster of genres.

Still led by Brittany Howard's coined raspy howl, the album throws back to the yesteryear rock moments that shot them to fame (pretty straight out of high school), while touching on country, soul and funk at every chance in between. 

For me, the standout tracks are the Joplin-esque "Don't Wanna Fight" and "Miss You," 70s funk-riddled "Guess Who" and quiet Americana breather, "This Feeling" - which I envision on constant repeat during long highway drives this summer. The whole album, however, is exceptional and proof that, if a band takes their time in between releases, tours and nabs the right mentors, they will continue to evolve into a better version of their past work.

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