Friday, April 24, 2015

TGIF: 5 Pop Guilty Pleasures Right Now

My friends always (used to) give me a hard time for being a sort of walking contradiction: I appeared to know almost everything there was to know about music; yet, was the latest to discover any sort of radio famous, top 40 hits. Seriously. Nearly a year after its release, I would hear the biggest Katy Perry song, start bobbing my head, and ask if it was new.

I guess you could say that I spent so much time reading about the classics and digging for new gems, I sometimes forgot - or could care less - to pay attention to what was ruling the pop airwaves, and might be gone and forgotten tomorrow. Sue me.

But, times have changed. In my work, I deal with all sorts of music on a daily basis - a large part of which is pop (in every way you could imagine the genre). I know what music is being released most days of the week, and take it upon myself to thoroughly listen, each day of the week. The outcome? I'm no longer a music-loving contradiction, and am a shameless pop hit fanatic (while still maintaining my prior musical interests, obviously). I know a juicy hit when I hear one.

Here are five of my current pop/dance guilty pleasures. Take a listen, and if you're like me, you'll find yourself almost immediately converted. I refuse to feel basic for liking these songs or artists, and neither should you. Have a great weekend!

1. Where Are Ü (feat. Justin Bieber) - Jack Ü: I'll admit, I had never even really bothered to listen to Justin Bieber before this song, and hated him by default. But, when I heard his pretty vocal here, I was blown away. I guess this was a song of Justin's, that he was having trouble completing, before Diplo and Skrillex swooped in and made it into this beautiful dance track.

2. I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen: If you can honestly tell me you and your friends aren't considering creating a singalong montage video set to this song, I'd be shocked.

3. The Fool - Ryn Weaver: This up-and-comer kind of straddles the border between mainstream pop and indie-pop, but, either way, she sounds great on this sweet tune.

4. Steal My Girl - One Direction: Although from last fall, this song (and Harry Styles...) is everything. Something about that piano stomp has a modern-day "Jack and Diane" feel.

5. Peanut Butter Jelly - Galantis: So, I saw this song come into my mailbox the other day and figured it was going to be a goofy, parody-like hit. But it's not, it's just stupidly catchy, an all-round blast and happens to name drop a delicious sandwich.

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