Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Jukebox Joints" - A$AP Rocky (feat. Kanye West + Joe Fox)

A week earlier than expected, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has dropped his second album, At.Long.Last.A$AP (or, ALLA), which includes a hot cameo by Kanye West.

"Jukebox Joints" is caked in a dusty soul sample - as all the best things are - and features slow, easy rhymes from A$AP and guitar from Joe Fox, who Rocky met on the streets of London, and invited along to the studio to play guitar on five new songs. Casual. 'Ye (or 'Ye Guevara, as he calls himself here) comes in at the last minute rhyming boldly about #FOMO and Kimye's active attemps at another "fo' mo'" kids. It's no "Excuse Me" or "L$D," but this big, commendable collab is proof the rest of the game knows Rocky is where it's at right now.

Have a listen below.

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