Monday, May 4, 2015

Best New Track: Leon Bridges' "River"

I haven't felt this strongly about a song in quite some time.

When I first wrote about Leon Bridges in December, I knew we were in for something pretty special. "Coming Home," "Better Man" and "Lisa Sawyer" were the blossoming soul star's first singles, all leading us to "River" - the single Bridges chose to announce his upcoming debut album, slated for release in June.

Unlike the swaying, Sam Cooke-reminiscent soul ballads he's released prior - which are all astounding - "River" is completely different. Stripped down to only acoustic guitar and sparse tambourine, Bridges' soulful croon tells story of a man travelling miles to give himself to someone, but not before he gets redemption; not before she takes him to her river. With help from a gospel choir on the refrain, this modern hymnal is time-stopping. Lines like "I want to come here and give you every part of me" are sure to give you butterflies.

Have a listen below, and look out for Coming Home on June 23, via Columbia.

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