Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Future Islands EP: The Chase

Following Future Islands' (long overdue) commercial success after releasing their fourth album, Singles, the quirky Maryland synth-pop band have quietly released a new EP, titled The Chase.

While only two songs, the EP sounds perfectly Future Islands. Samuel T. Herring saves the thundering croon and instead opts for more subdued vocals - leaving something to be imagined for their fifth album. On "Haunted By You" (my favourite of the two), there's that melancholic sweetness heard on On The Water's ballads, but, with "The Chase" we get the upbeat retro-pop that made them (namely, Herring's Letterman dance moves) finally go viral. In fact, the guys stopped by Letterman recently to do it all again. (See below.)

When it comes to Future Islands, I like everything, but this pace agrees with me. It'll make a great soundtrack for laid back summer nights. The Chase is out now, via 4AD.

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