Friday, June 12, 2015

5 (New) Essential Weekend Tracks

Alright, alright, alright. TGIF! Here are five essential, pretty much brand new tunes to get things moving for you on this fine, thundery Friday.

1. Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd: I mean, this song won the week. You couldn't swing a handbag and not hit someone talking about how fire this track is. With some obvious Michael Jackson influences on the upbeat, disco-ey new single from Toronto crooner Abel Tesfaye (who has never sounded better) - it appears he might be moving in a less moody, more groovy direction. We're down.

2. Tied Up (feat. DeJ Loaf) - Casey Veggies: 21 year-old Casey Veggies, former member of the recently disbanded Odd Future crew and new member of Roc Nation, is carving his own name quickly with radio-ready tracks like this. Joined by DeJ Loaf on the sugary hook, the up-and-coming West Coast rapper rhymes effortlessly about his girl, sounding awesomely early millennium.

3. Gosh - Jamie xx: I can't say enough good things about this swelling electronic track (and its dope video - the best I've seen in awhile). Starting with one of xx's coined, skittering beats and some washy effects, the song eventually builds into one of those big, emotive, M83-reminiscent places that might make you want to cry.

4. Third Eye - Florence + The Machine: A lot of critics think the new Flo album goes downhill after the first half, but I totally disagree. For fans of her theatrical anthems ("Shake It Out," "If Only For A Night"), it's chantable, open-air doozies like this one that keep me listening.

5. No Time Is Better - Dizzy Wright: This might be more of a Sunday night wind-down tune, but damn - don't overlook Wright's newest album. Some of the jazzy, early 90s samples nestled into The Growing Process' production give off To Pimp A Butterfly vibes. (The highest compliment.)

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