Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Best New Music: Miguel's Continued Gospel of Sex on 'Wildheart'

Before Miguel's Wildheart was released yesterday, and was only a string of enticing, X-rated singles, it was already one of the best albums of 2015.

On the follow-up to his 2012 masterpiece, Kaleidoscope Dream, this generation's R&B Prince (as in, both royalty and "the artist formerly known as") is even more explicitly the brilliant, fearless purveyor of lessons on how to love and lust for a woman. 

Some of Wildheart's 16 tracks are listed in either small or large caps - a solid representation of what's in store on each one - and are a delicious mix of deep dirt and intimacy, all saying a different, but equally compelling, variation of the same thing: Miguel might understand the spiritual power of sex better than anyone, ever. Sometimes it's druggy and sinful, sometimes it's sacred - and you'll know the difference as the record's instrumentation moves between between buzzy guitars and sweet balladry. But every time, it's the impossibly soulful, hypnotic voice of Miguel that lays it on you without mercy - and that's what makes this album, and likely every Miguel album that will follow it, totally perfect.

Best Tracks: FLESH, Coffee, what's normal anyway, Hollywood Dreams

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