Monday, June 1, 2015

Júníus Meyvant Releases Second Single, "Hailslide"

Why aren't more people talking about Júníus Meyvant?

We're in the midst of a little soul revival at the moment (amen) - thanks to the dusty sounds recently released by "it" artists Leon Bridges, Alabama Shakes and even A$AP Rocky - and, it can't be overlooked that a fiery-haired Icelandic artist is also making some big contributions to the genre.

Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson (AKA Júníus Meyvant), only has two singles to his name, but both "Color Decay" and now "Haislide" evoke strong hints of Smokey Robinson and Van Morrison in their sunshiney, horn-filled indie-folk flavour. You won't only find poetry in Meyvant's groovy, instrument-packed numbers - he's privy to using nature similes to describe his love for a woman. Everything is "sweet like honey" and "so wonderful, like the quiet voice of summer breeze," and in the context of his colourful sonic landscape, these comparisons are bang on.

You can listen to his gorgeous first single (and one of my top five picks for the best songs of 2014) here, and his new single below. Meyvant's debut EP finally drops next month, via Record Records.

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