Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Are You Onto Christine and the Queens?

If someone were to tell you or any of your English-speaking North American friends that one of the most interesting up and coming artists hails from France and includes her native tongue in most songs, chances are you might be a bit disillusioned.

But, it looks and sounds as if French electro-pop artist Christine and the Queens is going to be the exception to that. Already certified platinum (three times) in France, 26 year-old mastermind Heloise Letissier has landed a deal with Neon Gold Records, embarked on a cross-continental tour for her debut EP and raked in a number of A-list admirers, including Mark Ronson, Lorde and Madonna (who was so impressed with CATQ's stunning "St. Claude" video that she enlisted the directors' help on her own promo). 

Although there aren't physically any "Queens" ons stage with her (she explains them as her "fairy godmothers"), Letissier is more than enough on her own to become music's next it girl. Outside of the studio, her edgy, masculine sartorial sense has scored her the cover of French ELLE Magazine and front row at multiple fashion weeks.

A now-staple in my daily rotation, Letissier's music is perfectly uncomplicated, yet sonically lush - blending beautiful bilingual lyrics and melodic retro beats that captivate when delivered by Letissier's dynamic voice. Although a third of the time you might be unsure what she's singing, you'll be enamoured enough to find out, and hear more.

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