Friday, July 10, 2015

Best New Music: The Internet's 'Ego Death'

If you know anything about my oh-so-deep love for Odd Future (RIP) and its members' burgeoning solo careers, you'll know that love encompasses all OF spin-offs, including The Internet - the alt-R&B project founded by members Syd Tha Kid and Max Martians.

On the six-piece collective's new album Ego Death, they've accomplished what several Odd Future solo projects have this year (albeit, two releases later) - their most focused album yet. The minimalist experimentation is welcome on the full band-backed album, as it sways between jazzy downtown hooks and sticky soul. Although led by fearless female vocalist Syd Tha Kid, punchy cameos by Vic Mensa and OF mastermind Tyler, The Creator add some zest throughout. Similar to others dabbling in the alt-R&B genre (cough, Miguel), The Internet doesn't shy on intimate, sometimes explicit declarations of love and betrayal, but they're so caked in smooth, sultry instrumentation it likely won't even faze you.

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