Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Best New Track: Drake's "Hotline Bling"

After getting charged up earlier this week over Meek Mill's accusations that he didn't write his own lyrics, Toronto ambassador Drake has decided to do a little more of what he does best - drop unsurprisingly amazing surprise tracks.

Last night, Drake pushed another new track onto maybe the world's coolest remaining blogspot.com (honestly, how has the OVO crew not sprung for a different URL?) titled "Hotline Bling." If the island-y sample sounds familiar, it's because Drake has pulled from D.R.A.M's groovy "Cha Cha," which dropped in March.

In what might be 2015's sing-rap response to "Hold On We're Going Home" or "Tuesday," "Hotline Bling" has Drizzy laissez-faire crooning about yet another hometown hunny who no longer booty calls him on his cell phone, leaving him wondering where she is and who she's with. Poor Aubrey; it seems the higher (way, way) up he gets, the more down girls he loses.

So far, all of Drake's recent exclusives have been premiered on his must-hear Beats 1 OVO Sound show. If you want to get to these hot new tracks before they hit the aforementioned blogspot, you should probably tune in.

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