Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get in there, Nicki.

I love Twitter. A lot.

I can't speak for other industries or subject matter, but most people who work in music or write about music are constantly engaging in open, hilarious, honest Twitter dialogue on everything that's happening. It's a never-ending goldmine. A few minutes perusing Twitter each morning and I'm not only up to date on what's going on in music, but I've likely formed a strong (hopefully pithy and funny) opinion along with hundreds of other music writers.

One thing that's been seemingly plaguing a lot of us lately is Nicki Minaj, or a lack thereof. 

Last week, Meek Mill, Nicki's fiancé, accused Drizzy, Nicki's good friend and labelmate, of having ghostwriters. Also last week, Taylor Swift took Nicki's accurate Twitter criticism of primarily white, female VMA nominees to heart and responded. Save for a few quick social responses, one of rap's indisputably most talented females has remained musically mum.

Quite frankly, it's killing me. Common assumption is she's waiting for the right time - when Drizzy cools it on his (quite dope) surprise diss tracks or when her man Meek (a talented artist who's yet to musically respond post-accusation) has the chance to fire back himself. But, Queen Nicki is nothing short of vehemently opinionated, and although she's in the middle of her (already praised) The Pinkprint Tour - there's been a lot of sh*t happening in her world lately, and she's just got to have some fire brewing. 

For those of you wondering why anyone is waiting for anything, there's really no explanation other than, at different points in history, this is hip-hop. It's personal, fast-moving and impossible to look away from. In this genre, filled with real writers, there's no need to craft the perfect instrumentation or package music before releasing it. They just have to get in front of a mic, wait for the sun to go down and hit us with the real talk. So, please, Nicki - drop it. Drop it now and put the whole thing to rest.

Below, my favourite tweets from the Twitter discourse.

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