Monday, July 27, 2015

Best New Album: Tame Impala's 'Currents'


I just did something that I rarely do - I took a substantial vacation. And, unlike Christmastime, when I take vacation but also count down (daily) the best songs of the year, I vowed to not do any blogging. Which at the beginning felt nice, but then drove me slowly crazy, because I love it and feel like my hands are tied when I'm not sharing new music.

And let me tell you, a week away from the music wire amounts to so. much. new. stuff! I considered us in a little bit of a 'new music drought' prior to my leaving (which really meant, like, one slow week of new releases), but, man, things revved up once I left. 

Mainly in the form of the new Tame Impala album. My goodness, what a perfect place to start.

Currents, Aussie mastermind Kevin Parker's third release, was staged in my mind as one of those releases with so may exceptional singles that the filler bits might sound mediocre or much more understated compared to the first tastes. Let me tell you - there is no filler on this album.

With this glittery new release, Parker unabashedly embraces the power of pop, and the power of admission, on each disco-laced track. He strips the reverb, allowing that strong falsetto narrative to shine while he admits his relationship wrongs. On "'Cause I'm A Man," he blames his masculinity for love lost. On "The Less I Know The Better," the 70s-reminiscent "Yes, I'm Changing" and "Past Life" (my two favourites of the non-singles) he comes to term with his old self and moving on - promising nothing and so much more all at the same time. Painted with bright patterns of psychedelic keyboard and muscle-moving percussion, the deep soul found within Parker's softer side amounts to his greatest work yet. And, quite likely, the album of the year.

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