Thursday, August 6, 2015

Best New Track: Ryan Hemsworth's "Afterglow"

Although Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has a knack for igniting festival crowds with his big, multi-faceted bangers and remixes, he also has a way of weaving pretty, melancholic elements into his studio albums, leaving you warm and fuzzy.

His latest single, "Afterglow," is 100 percent comprised of those warm and fuzzies.

Sonically sounding more like parts of 2014's mini-album Alone for the First Time, the atmospheric new track follows last month's RYAN PACK V.2 mix and is currently only spinning on Soundcloud. Whether or not it's released as a single, "Afterglow" is one of the Nova Scotian's best, most grassroots pieces yet - with Hemsworth playing guitar and singing a short "tra la la" hook that sounds pleasantly "Stir It Up."

Have a listen:

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