Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Are You Onto The Voyagers?

Unlike certain American communities where hip-hop greatness has historically manifested, Connecticut might not immediately come to mind when paired with mention of the genre. Still, Connecticut has produced a worthwhile batch of competitive rappers in the past, and it looks like new quintet The Voyagers are ready to put New York's neighbour back on the map.

For The Voyagers (not the cast of the 80s TV series or Dutch dance duo), Hartford, CT has been the lab for concocting clever, challenging material that, in my opinion, puts them up with some of hip-hop's most intriguing collectives. Ripping a page right out of the 90s playbook, The Voyagers' effortless and punchy flows pop over the smacking, old school beats and scratches. Their plucky rhymes are a solid dose of reality which are good enough to make commonplace talk of chains and b*tches seem pretty trivial. 

Keep an eye out for this crew, and listen to their latest single "Lock n Load" below.

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