Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Are You Onto Yung Jake? Listen to "Both" (feat. Charlie Heat)

Yung Jake is still a pretty elusive, digitally-focused character in the rap game. He demanded he give his first major interview with Complex over text message. His internet hit "Unfollow" was accompanied by a video where he danced all over different social media platforms talking about, well, unfollowing a girl. He's that dude who makes unreal portraits of celebrities using only emojis. And now he's back with "Both," which features G.O.O.D Music producer Charlie Heat and was teased on Snapchat, in a pretty roundabout way (you had to follow his two accounts and hold two phones together to catch the visuals properly).

That mish-mash of internet dabbling might not have been enough to make Yung Jake a household name, but this "Both" single could be what does it, because it's lit. Jake lays his rhymes over Heat's unequivocally addictive beat, and although one could argue that anyone would sound good over earworm production like that, I think Jake's particular flavour of laissez-faire proclamations are what make this track so interesting. As you can guess from the first rhyme, the song is about having both of everything he might have to decide between - women, drugs, drinks, etc. - and while the mean beat is what hooks you initially, the momentary doses of shaky organ and soul piano are what highlight both artists' chops.

"Both" will drop as part of Charlie Heat's upcoming album The Good Way, which will also feature Vic Mensa and Freeway, to name a few.

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