Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Ready: Listen To Half Moon Run's New Single "Hands in the Garden"

I try to listen to as much of everything as possible, but this has been such a strong year for hip-hop, that I feel like I've been paying a little less attention to the all-encompassing rock genre. That will likely change soon, because with the first sweep of fall, that genre is where I always end up finding the best pieces for my seasonal soundtrack.

A little less than a month ahead of their sophomore album, Montreal indie-rockers Half Moon Run have dropped their third single "Hands in the Garden," which qualifies as one of those great autumn songs. More accessible than some of their darker experimental moments, the folky ode's laid-back piano and acoustic guitar are straightforwardly pretty, even when shaken up with a jangly harmonica intermission. As is usually the case with any HMR spin, the boys' harmonies are what make this one so charming.

You can grab the band's new album sun leads me on on October 23.

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