Friday, September 4, 2015

On Repeat: Travis Scott Drops His Debut Album 'Rodeo'

People expect a lot from Travis Scott. Based on my healthy obsession with the guy and years of waiting for more from him, you could say I do too.

So, today, when the Houston artist's anticipated debut album Rodeo dropped - reviews have been (so far) mixed. Scott doesn't rap enough, Scott littered his release with impressive collaborators to overshadow a lacklustre effort, blah, blah, blah - these are all things you might pick up on if you give the haters a minute. In my humble opinion, this is all bullshit; people need to get their expectations in check and consume the album at face value - a woozy, wild trip that proves that, sure, maybe Scott isn't the rapper we all hoped he'd be throughout all 16 tracks. But at times, he is, and he's about a million other things on Rodeo.

His exceptional early mixtapes aside, this is a de.but.album. It's early enough in his likely long career - let's let him make it what he wants to make it?

The all-star cast and eclectic song-to-song production on Rodeo are mindblowing. Deep and long, sample-heavy cuts from a bonafide hip-hop punk; sometimes swag city, other times spacey and a little emotional - making sense of year-round ragers and newfound fame. Whether the melodic, Kacy Hill-crooned "90210" or the mental (pee-covered) "Piss On Your Grave," which boasts an unexpected alt-rock/trap balance and some pretty perfect aggression from his mentor, Kanye, or the hypnotic earworm of the summer "Antidote" - Scott shows up on this. Maybe just in different ways than some expected. 

At the end of a few close listens, and following the months of hard-to-live-up-to hype, nothing about Rodeo has me denying what Kanye has previously claimed: Scott could still be the future.

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