Thursday, October 1, 2015

3 R&B Songs You Need To Hear Now

Happy first day of October! Seeing as the new month has brought a wee cold spike, here are a few hot R&B singles to warm up with.

1. Pleasure This Pain (feat. Angel Haze) - Kwamie Liv: Despite a handful of fire singles ("Higher" was one of my favourite songs of the summer), somehow, people are still semi-sleeping on this Swedish R&B artist and her milky voice. Who knows, maybe now that she's added help from fiery MC Angel Haze, there could hopefully be more uptake on this sultry spin.

2. Hardest Thing - Coco O.: I'm a huge fan of Rhye, which led me to Quadron (which features one-half of Rhye), which led me to Quadron's Danish frontwoman Coco O. On her first official solo single "Hardest Thing," Coco blends soul with some jaunty funk chords, barely ever letting her sweet, oh-so-capable voice get ahead of the instrumental. Lyrically, she yearns the same way she did on plenty of Quadron's songs, but her subtle delivery here is even more heartbreaking.

3. I Don't Give A - Jojee: A deep beat and chugging piano keys are usually all I need to be hooked on any song off the bat. With production notes from Mickey Valen, the neo-soul "I Don't Give A" is a solid introduction to New York-based vocalist Jojee and her Weeknd-reminscent balladry. If she keeps this up, I predict we'll hear more from her solo perspective, as well as cameo spots on hip-hop numbers, soon enough.

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