Monday, October 5, 2015

Best New Track: "It's Strange" - Louis The Child (feat. K. Flay)

On Monday mornings when you're feeling extra depleted after a wild weekend away, it's sweet little songs like this one that just give you life all over again.

Today I came across this adorable earworm, courtesy of Chicago electronic duo Louis The Child and self-proclaimed experts at creating "music that makes you happy." Featuring raspy female vocalist K. Flay, "It's Strange" is the age-old story of an independent girl making space for the right person. That's a cute enough concept as it is, so when you toss in some dreamy tropical synth and a delicate finger-snap beat, you've got yourself a whole bundle of feelings.

You can hear "It's Strange" on the upcoming FIFA 2016 soundtrack or on its own via Next Wave Records.

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