Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missy Elliott Is Back: Watch The Crazy Video For "WTF"

Anyone close to me knows that I love Nicki Minaj oh-so-much and consider her the best female rapper of all-time. No question.

But there was one key pioneer before her, one whose similarly genius rhymes (as well as squeaks, yelps and other oddities), boss bitch attitude and unexpected genre melding paved the way for there to even be a Nicki Minaj. Missy Elliott, a close second, if not tie, for the best female rapper ever, boldly carved that space for any young woman attempting to infiltrate the tough, male-dominated (understatement of the century) rap game.

And, thank goodness for all of us, Missy is back with a new video after seven years. This morning, Elliott dropped the futuristic-meets-dancehall single "WTF (Where They From)," featuring longtime collaborator Pharrell - and it's pure fire. You might have heard snippets of the frantic banger earlier this fall when ESPN started using it in NBA promos, but here, in all of its full-form glory, "WTF" and its wildly choreographed visuals are things for the books.

"WTF" marks Elliott's first solo single since 2012, although the two Timbaland-produced singles from that year never made it onto an album. So really, this is the first solo Missy in a decade (!), since The Cookbook

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