Saturday, December 26, 2015

Top 25 Songs of 2015: #11-10

#11. Gosh - Jamie xx: Jamie Smith is a member of the xx and renowned British DJ, and maybe I speak for myself, but I still didn't expect his long-awaited debut LP to be this good. Well, until I finally heard its first two singles - this halycon electronic builder and "Loud Places," his collaboration with xx bandmate Romy. From there, more of In Colour trickled out and officially dropped - featuring guest spots from Brian Wilson, Alicia Keys and Young Thug (to name a few) - and it was solidified that the last six years of experience and material he'd been gathering made this album one hundred per cent worth the wait. Whatever happens in this guy's head, whatever colours and sounds he sees before bringing them to life - it's all so complex, so perfectly across the spectrum, resulting in this breathtaking mess of sensory beauty that honestly, hundreds of listens later, never gets old.

#10. Norf Norf - Vince Staples: Former Odd Future member and Def Jam signee Vince Staples took the hip-hop world by storm this year with easily one of the most conscious coming-of-age rap debuts of the decade. According to Staples, life on the streets "is a choice," but the power of fear in that environment, the pressure, the precedent - all of it wreaks havoc on a young person's sense of self in a way that can rarely be detailed through music (the closest recent narrative is good kid, m.A.A.d city). Every last emotion, rhyme and production nuance on Summertime '06 is real - and "Norf Norf" is one of those tracks that blended each dark ingredient together to seamlessly craft one of the most eye opening, but likeable, hip-hop cuts of the year.

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