Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 25 Songs of 2015: #17-16

#17. Want To Want Me - Jason DeRulo: Because of some of DeRulo's insufferable, name-checking efforts these past few years, when this single dropped, it didn't immediately get the critical attention or airplay it deserved. The masses smartened up, though - recognizing that "Want To Want Me" has all the glimmers of 80s-pop magic that put it alongside The Weeknd and Bieber's hooky hits - and it rightfully became the biggest selling single of the summer.

#16. River - Leon Bridges: Had "River" had a larger cultural or historical impact on this year, which it should have, I would have put it at #1. The first time I heard those opening strums, which were a departure from the other uppity soul singles he'd released in preparation for his incredible debut album, my heart melted. Although the Motown trappings heard on the rest of Coming Home were amazing, this hymnal is perfect in its stripped-down instrumental and lyrical basics: a guitar, tambourine, gospel choir and plea for redemption.

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