Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top 25 Songs of 2015: #21-18

#21. Excuse Me - A$AP Rocky: I'd say the majority of singles off A$AP Rocky's sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP could have squeezed their way on to this list; it was Rocky and the late A$AP Yams' final narrative together and the former's most mature yet. There's inevitable fashion and drugs fluff, but for the most part, Rocky is self-assured on ALLA - especially on tracks like "Excuse Me," where the perfect orchestral backing holds up his laid-back, dismissive claims.

#20. Hello - Adele: I might have been the last to jump on the bandwagon of this record-shattering one-word proclamation. The sleepy intro, sepia-tone video and formulaic flow did nothing for me at first, until I listened a little harder (50 or so times harder), and came to wholeheartedly appreciate the swelling show of bravery seeded deep in this vulnerable ode.

#19. Coffee - Miguel: Whether this original version or the Wale-assisted cut that swaps "coffee in the morning" for "f***ing in the morning," Miguel's recent dose of shamelessly carnal R&B, as always, somehow comes across as equal parts earnest and romantic. His contribution to the genre, and approach to sex, are still so different from his fellow risk-taking classmates; while they long for it, have a hard time with it, get it around the clock - Miguel's guide to intimacy and the worship of a woman is careful, raw and never unsacred, even in its grittiest moments.

#18. Elegy to the Void - Beach House: Beach House has a way of bringing you to your knees with a simple chord progression and only five smoky words from Victoria Legrand. This happens on the enchanting "Elegy to the Void," off their second release of 2015, where guitarist Alex Scally and Legrand's voices weave together as the song quietly thunders forward. Sounding a little reverb-laced, like a page out of Teen Dream, but emotive like Bloom, "Elegy to the Void" is one of their most timeless ballads yet.

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