Friday, January 8, 2016

Watch Kendrick Lamar perform "Untitled 2" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Oh man.

You see, Kendrick Lamar rarely does talk show appearances, and all week I was aware that he would be performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, therefore, you could say I had a few days to mentally prepare for what was inevitably going to be an outstanding performance. 

What I didn't see coming was the reveal of a brand new masterpiece, "Untitled 2," even though he pulled the same stunt on The Colbert Report in 2014, when he surprised audiences with "Untitled." Much like the latter, there's a good chance this song won't be formally released, which is disappointing, but also part of Kendrick's magic. Calling himself "Cornrow Kenny" throughout the heated funk track, Kendrick absolutely goes off - referring to Top Dawg Entertainment as the "mafia of the west" and spitting thoughtful wordplay ("I love God/ but I'm scared of God speed sometimes" and "I could put a rapper on life support/ guaranteed something that none of you want") with his coined punchy conviction. And then there's the swelling ending to the performance which is just... something else.

The best thing about Kendrick is exactly what he does here. He drops a perfectly written track, overflowing with intensity and wit, with no warning, no intention other than his delivery in that moment in time. He's legendary, time and again. Watch it below to fully understand - it's really quite insane, and Fallon's reaction is entirely appropriate.

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