Monday, February 8, 2016

Best New Album: Wet - Don't You

Over two years ago, I came across the most refreshing flavour of adult contemporary pop; one that's since caught on as the new space to play in, if you can find your edge. Founded on sweet R&B melodies, dainty vocals and really honest lyricism - Wet's three-song collection was one of the first to try that equally sad and gorgeous synth-pop song that felt too indie for the pop world, yet too pop for the indie world. They quickly mastered a beautiful in-between.

Fast-forward to present day, less than a month after the Brooklyn-based trio finally released their debut full-length Don't You following a steady trickle of singles, and the nine soulful additions are evidence this band knows feelings, and they know them well. Wet's ballads pull from melancholic, washy 90s R&B and soft-pop, fusing together to create this unequivocally emotive sound and likability, no matter your taste. Every song is vulnerable, even the happy ones (on "You're the Best," frontwoman Kelly Zutrau coos "I still feel lonely when you hold me"), and the whole experience is sometimes painfully relatable. But, when delivered alongside delicate guitar lines and urban beats, it's hard to feel downhearted about any of it, because it's all just so damn pretty.

Don't You is out now, via Columbia Records. Listen to four favourites below.

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