Monday, February 29, 2016

Favourite New Track: "More Than" - Wintersleep

Although Wintersleep's sixth album The Great Detachment isn't due out until Friday, I was lucky to get a live sneak preview of the forthcoming album over a month ago.

After that live performance, one of its stunning songs really stuck with me - to the point that I think I've Googled it once weekly hoping to stumble on an early stream. Today, the band debuted the full album stream via Clash, and I finally got my paws on that perfect track.

"More Than," the fourth song into the band's first album in four years (I have this longstanding theory that the best songs are fourth on most albums), is a beautiful indie-rock ode to the kind of love that only grows stronger over time. The midtempo track beats forward in typical Wintersleep fashion, with buzzy guitars and some swirling synth, until an unexpected choir chimes in to chant "I love you more than I said" alongside frontman Paul Murphy - ending it all on a really lovely, uplifting note.

Make the jump over to Clash Magazine to stream "More Than" - it's worth it.

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