Monday, February 22, 2016

Most Beautiful New Track: "Nostos" - Jean-Michel Blais

31 year-old Quebec pianist Jean-Michel Blais will release his debut full-length on Arts & Crafts this spring, and until then, he's gifted us his debut single.

Since first discovering "Nostos" last week, if I've listened to it once, I've listened to it 100 times. It takes my breath away every time.

Similar to pianists Chilly Gonzalez or Phillip Glass, it's clear that Blais took his natural skill and formal training and did the opposite of what was expected of him. On "Nostos," Blais begins on a tinkering note before building the layers to reach an anthemic peak, with the subtle help of electronic producer Bufflo. From that heartwarming beginning to the eventual swell, "Nostos" is perfection, and proof that you just need the right melody, the right progression - without all the bells and whistles - to create something really timeless.

Look out for II on April 8, via A&C.

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