Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Best New Track: Mating Ritual (feat. Lizzy Land) - "Cold"

Oh wow. This song is giving me so much life.

Mating Ritual is the newest synth-pop project from Ryan Marshall Lawhon, formerly of Pacific Air, and "Cold" is one of four tracks off last week's self-titled debut EP, which Lawhon says lyrically navigates the modern-day mating ritual. Clocking in at five lush minutes, "Cold" must represent the lovely parts of dating - because there's just so much beauty going on here. The thumping percussion, duelling male and female verses, airy production, whistling (I'm a sucker for whistling) - all of it is indication that Mating Ritual is ready to stand out and make a huge splash in the sea of electro-pop efforts.

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