Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Listen to Niykee Heaton: "Dream Team"

I just got back from a wild week at SXSW in Austin (the reason for my week-long silence here) where I party-hopped, ate everything, drank everything, met countless new people and watched over 50 artists perform. Needless to say, I'm pretty run-down, but as I regain full cognitive function I'm starting to mentally sift through the stand-out music and artists that are definitely worthy of further exploration.

One of the most surprising of the lot was Niykee Heaton, who I happened to catch at the Universal Music showcase while waiting for my main man Vince Staples (hands praying emoji). Heaton is a 21 year-old YouTube sensation turned R&B artist who, thanks to her capable pipes and shamelessly scandalous Instagram photos (truly NSFW), has become something of an underground pop star. Not typically my style, but when you're in a room watching her work a stage, it's pretty hard not to pay attention.

While Heaton has a huge social following and recently teamed up with Migos, I still wouldn't say the mainstream listener knows her well; that is, until they hear "Dream Team," a Jeremih-meets-Ciara jam off her March 18 Bedroom Tour Playlist EP, which she silenced the rowdy crowd with. While she slid across the stage, intermittently twerking and cooing the steamy lyrics, I couldn't help but wonder how long it would be until this song skyrockets - followed by a baby boom nine months later. Check it out below.

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