Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Best New Album: Jean-Michel Blais's II

Prior to releasing his debut album II this Friday, Arts & Crafts-signed pianist Jean-Michel Blais premiered an early stream over at CBC Music last week - gracing us with a head start on his achingly beautiful piano ballads.

As I mentioned when I first wrote about his debut single, "Nostos," Quebec-raised Blais rejected the idea of being a classical pianist in his teens, instead moving towards more alternative compositions that are bright with strokes of unconventional beauty. II is an indie-instrumental record, complete with intermittent background noise (including rain, children playing and street noise), a range of tempos and moods and his masterfully emotive melodies.

While the (ridiculous) spring snow blows outside, I can't help but feel a little warmer listening to a contemporary stunner like this.

Listen to II over at CBC Music.

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