Thursday, April 21, 2016

Listen to Daniel Wilson: "Wedding Daze"

We were first introduced to Michigan-based singer Daniel Wilson in 2013, and have been treated to a steady trickle of contemporary soul singles off his two EPs ever since. Yesterday, the 24 year-old premiered "Wedding Daze," the first song from his forthcoming release Sinner of the Week, and it's impossible to make it through one listen - hell, one quarter of the track - without the palpable feeling that he's onto something major.

The euphoric pop gem is impressive in its big instrumental moments, but made totally anthemic thanks to Wilson's excellent gospel-trained falsetto. After minutes of uplifting harmonies, a sunny whistle and string-led climax, I guarantee you'll feel cheer pumping through you.

Look out for Sinner of the Week on Zap Records later this year.

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