Friday, May 6, 2016

5 New Songs You Need To Hear Now

1. Casual Party - Band of Horses: Band of Horses, one of my all-time favourite groups, can do little wrong in my books. Even their least memorable albums are still filled with sweet alt-country anthems, and from the sounds of this summery highway-rock gem, we're going to get a solid dose of buoyancy with their forthcoming June release.

2. I Need a Forest Fire - James Blake & Bon Iver: These two indie staples, back at it again with the sultry electro balladry. On this slow-cooked collab, which comes as part of Blake's brand new album The Colour in Anything (out today), the harmonies created by Vernon's unmistakable falsetto churning together with Blake's soulful rasp are striking.

3. Lost Dreamers - Mutual Benefits: This dreamy piece about life on the road sounds exactly like what life on the road feels like. The soft xylophone, strings and barely-there vocals all convey the feeling of getting lost on purpose, finding adventure in nothingness and taking the long way home. If you make it through one listen without wanting to toss your smart phone out a moving car's window, I'll be impressed.

4. Don't Go - Hannah Georgas: Georgas's latest single, from her forthcoming album For Evelyn, is not for the faint of heart. Beginning with echoey coos before sliding into a chugging electronic beat and her melancholic plea, everything about "Don't Go" is darker Georgas than we're used to - yet beautiful, and a surefire way to feel longing. (Interestingly enough, when I first heard this, I immediately thought of my beloved Mom - and later read that Georgas did in fact write "Don't Go" for her Mother.)

5. Dukes - Repartee: Up-and-coming electro-poppers Repartee might hail from Newfoundland, but you won't find a fiddle in the mix here. Blending indie-rock edge with early Dragonette-style dance-pop, this sugary sweet fightin' love song is more and more addictive with each listen.

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