Thursday, May 19, 2016

Listen to Father John Misty's New Song: "Real Love Baby"

I've been a huge Josh Tillman fan all the way from his solo beginnings as J. Tillman, through to his Fleet Foxes days and now as he continues releasing music as eccentric folk-rock persona, Father John Misty.

While I've loved almost everything he's created, after three listens to his brand new single "Real Love Baby" - I think I can already say this is one of my favourite songs he's ever released, under any name.

Father John Misty is no stranger to random song uploads, but they're usually of a parodic nature, unlike this country-rock beauty which is no spoof at all. The earworm melody, harmonies and sugary sentiment ("I want real love baby/ Ooo, don't leave me waiting") tip-toe into Beach Boys territory, while the jangly, sun-streaked stomp is the stuff of unabashed, anthemic folk-pop.

Beneath the song's Soundcloud link, Tillman commented "why not," and after his long string of musical spoofs, I can't help but agree.

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