Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best New Album: For Evelyn - Hannah Georgas

Anyone who knows me well knows how fondly I reminisce about the mid-to-late '90s Can-rock revolution. As in, talk about it - and the female rock and pop stars (think Women & Songs, Lillith Fair) it helped mold - way too much. 

Post-90s, we saw hugely successful Canadian female frontwomen like Amy Millan, Leslie Feist, Emily Haines and Tegan and Sara make international waves thanks to their brave, unique flavour and favourable standing with Alexandra Patsavas, famed music supervisor behind The OC and Grey's Anatomy.

And, the '10s have seen no shortage of noteworthy Canadian women in rock or pop. But last week, after hearing Hannah Georgas's third album, For Evelyn, I had a distinct feeling that we might be entering into another era of Canadian indie-pop/rock heroine, fit to make as much noise abroad as she does on home soil. Georgas is no newcomer to the music scene, but something about this particular album feels pretty magical.

Named after Georgas's grandmother, For Evelyn is an enchanting collection of thoughts on change - shaped into everything from lush, brass-backed reflections ("Rideback", which is easily one of my favourite songs of the year) to playful indie-pop ("Crazy Shit" and "Naked Beaches") and piano ballads ("Lost Cause" and "City"). Her vocals are subtle but pristine, and the sonic sprawl doesn't make For Evelyn feel scattered as much as it does expansive and self-assured. As a twenty-something woman, I can say that I haven't come across an album this honest and evocative in some time; something that captures the uncertainties that still come with "growing up," even when you're technically already grown up.

For Evelyn is out now, via Dine Alone Records.

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