Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Watch Jamie xx's Astounding New Video for "Gosh"

A little over a year ago, Jamie xx premiered a video for "Gosh," the album opener off his amazing debut solo album In Colour. Featuring outer space shots of Mars in orbit, this first video was gorgeous - as in, more than suited to the standout single that proved Jamie xx had a vision unlike any other contemporary DJ.

That is, until last week (a year after In Colour's release) when he dropped a new five minute-long video directed by Romain Gavras (Kanye West, Jay-Z, M.I.A.) which, in my opinion, is easily the most extraordinary of the year so far.

During an era that pretty consistently demonstrates the lost art of the music video, it feels insufficient to classify this as anything less than an inexplicably executed short film. There are no special effects or trickery (outside of some incredible drone shots) - which, knowing in advance of viewing, makes the entire experience even more mind-blowing. With more than 400 extras and a powerfully stoic lead actor with albinism, this new "Gosh" is set in Tianducheng, an abandoned Chinese suburb that was modelled to resemble Paris when constructed in 2007. It shifts from a dark virtual reality lounge into a car and synchronized final scene, showing intensifying visuals that perfectly match the arc of the song - something sort of monotonous and robotic, that blossoms into a big, gleaming finale.

Gavras tweeted "please watch full screen with loud speakers or headphones," and I totally agree. You can watch "Gosh" below or over at Apple Music.

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